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Are you ready to say "I do" in style?

The answer lies within our stunning selection of convertible looks, specially designed for your dream wedding day. These romantic ensembles are ready-made to make you feel like the most beautiful bride-to-be. Let us help you turn your fairytale wedding into a reality.

Look #1

Experience a dreamy love story with our versatile ensemble. Featuring an organza mini dress, detachable skirt with fluttering butterflies, opulent petticoat, and matching butterfly veils, this look is fit for a modern-day princess.

Why go for a transformer wedding dress? 


Save money by getting just 1 dress instead of 2+.

Several Looks 

Multiple looks of different styles with just one dress.

No Sacrifice 

Transform your dress anyway you like without settling for just one style.

Princess Dream

Get a full blown princess style gown in a classy way and change it to more minimalist at the same time.

Better Fit 

Detachable parts like bolero or sleeves are usually fitting better, then the parts that are sewn to the dress.

Surprise Effect

Surprise your guests with changing your look even while you’re dancing! 


You can wear parts of the dress in any combination you like and get a truly unique gown.

Free Design

Feel free to alter your dress as you wish, without settling for just one design idea.

Look #2

Step into a world of whimsical romance with our ethereal organza ensemble. Featuring a baby doll dress, high neck blouse, detachable skirt, and elegant earrings, this unique look will enchant hearts and leave a lasting impression.

Look #3

This extra convertible organza look includes a sultry strapless mini dress, delicate long sleeved blouse, whimsical detachable skirt, and captivating bow with an alluring train.

Look #4

Indulge in the spellbinding Cinderella convertible set - a stunning and versatile ensemble of a sparkly mini dress with detachable sleeves and skirt, topped off with a luxurious petticoat. Fulfill your fairy tale fantasies and radiate pure elegance and charm with this enchanting look.

Look #5

Experience the captivating magic of the princess convertible set - an exquisite and adaptable combination of the glistening Lovisa dress with an off-the-shoulder design and removable skirt, accompanied by a lavish petticoat and finished with a dazzling bow. Embrace your dreams of a fairy tale ending and exude grace and allure with this mesmerizing appearance.