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Wedding Hair - Don't Care

Wedding Hair - Don't Care

Choosing the right and harmonious hairstyle is just as important and essential as choosing the perfect wedding dress. You may have preferences such as what hairstyles you’d like to have and which ones you'd like to avoid. Nevertheless the hairdo must be chosen according to the dress, to the venue and to the mood of the wedding at the same time, mustn't it? Of course the final decision will always be after you, and for now just enjoy our carefully picked top hairdo choices. 

All the times favorite bride’s choice - always have been, always is and always will be - is a classic elegant low bun hairdo. This hairdo is stating - I am fierce, I am elegant, I know my worth and I'm very good at being stylish. This hairstyle will look gorgeous as with dresses with an open back, as well as with open arms or long sleeves. No matter the skirt or train length, this hairdo will fit every bride and every dress. Boring? Never! Stylish? Always! 

Meghan Markle looks very gorgeous with her low bun, sow elegant and royal. We also think that low hair bun would look gorgeous with our dresses such as our Jacqueline dress

Jacqueline dress by Olivia Bottega

Next in line and our personal favorite is Hollywood waves for your hair dressing at your wedding. Must we elaborate why? Okay here is the deal, it looks amazing.

Ariana dress by Olivia Bottega

We believe hairstyle will look the best with a mermaid gown, because the way the hair is styled is just very reminiscent of a real life siren. This hairstyle is also very vintage and elegant, if you want your hair to look glossy and at the same time down, but not in the way all night long as you dance - then this hairstyle is just the right choice for you. Imagine this hair worn with our dresses omg 

Beach waves is the next titan of hair styles for getting married. This hairstyle is very boho and very elegant at the same time too, it represents playfulness and innocence, at the same time looks very sexy and fashionable. We believe this hairstyle will fit every dress, but of course the boho style dress or very airy ones would look the best with this type of hairdo.

Devon Windsor's wedding 

Rose Leslie's wedding

Just look at how Devon wore her hair gently down with a slight hint of beach waves, like she was just walking around and dreaming about being a bride, maybe a princess in a castle. And Rose Leslie looks absolutely charming with her light beach waves for her stunning shirt red hair. 

This hairstyle would strike to kill with our gorgeous wedding dress Train by Olivia Bottega

Always suitable for a charming wedding and a very trendy option for 2021 - natural hairstyle.

Yes, we’re not wrong. It is super fashionable nowadays to get married with your hair as they are - whether it’s curly, straight, volumouis, or even bald, who knows :) So if you feel like following the trends - then this is the best time for you to shine on your very special day. Despite what your natural hair looks like, we say just wear it down and this will be a very romantic choice. Imagine as the veil will dance along to your natural length and you'll feel on top of the world. If you’re too worried that your hair will look messy or out of hands by the end of the night, feel free to use a light fixation or some invisible hair clips. 

Look at Keira, midi dress, natural hairstyle, a bit of smokey eye for her wedding - this is what freedom looks like. Just do what you feel like because it is your day to celebrate you and your love. 

If you feel like you need to have something extra, something more than just a hairdo, we suggest you take a look at accessories options. You can go from real flowers, silver details, diamond crushers to tiaras, shiny fishnets, big jewels and so on and so forth. Whether you chose a simple and classic dress or over the top royal gown, it doesn't matter, because accessories on your wedding day in your hair will just strike to kill. 

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