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Wedding Dresses That Complement All Skin Tones

Wedding Dresses That Complement All Skin Tones

In the world of bridal fashion, diversity, and inclusivity have taken center stage, as they rightfully should. Today, we're here to celebrate the grace and elegance that radiates from different skin tones. We'll explore wedding dresses that not only beautifully fit but also enhance the natural beauty of diverse skin tones.

  1. Soft Classics
  2. Soft Hues
  3. Vibrant Prints and Patterns
  4. Unusual Neutrals

Soft Classics

The most common way to celebrate your wedding is a classy pearlescent or white ivory wedding dress. Shades of white can also differ, from white matte to deep milky. There is no universal advice for what shade to go for. However, there are universal dresses that fit every bride like a charm, but unique enough to be unlike any other bride there is


The Chloe wedding dress looks extremely lustrous and luminescent on every bride, especially with a deeper skin tone. Prepare to shine elegantly on your special day with a strapless gown and a mind-blowing thigh-high slit. 


Wedding Dress Fiorelia Textured Organza

Another astonishingly classic option is textured organza ivory shade fabricThis Fiorelia mini dress is a great way to show off your gorgeous legs, especially when the top accentuates your delicate collarbones.  


This softest dress with spaghetti straps is stunning. Sheath silhouette with a hip hugging skirt in a very unusual manner. Show off your gorgeous body with a classy yet a very unusual sparkly style. 

2-in-1 ELU & PROTEA

This gorgeous mix will look stunning on you. Straight across beaded corset and pearlescent lush princess ball gown skirt. Since it is a convertible mix, you may wear the encrusted Elu beady dress to bedazzle or add a delicate royal-looking Protea skirt. Irresistible at its core for all of the brides.

 2-in-1 MERYEM & EBBA

A sparkly and shiny Ebba dress with a straight across neckline in a sexy mini length is the way to show off your legs. But by adding a super shiny Meryem skirt with sparkly murals your beauty gets elevated to a whole new level. 

Soft Hues

Wedding dresses with soft and subtle undertones are a splendid choice. Different shades from coral to gold and red, and even black create a stunning contrast to every skin tone and bring out the natural radiance, making these dresses ideal for any celebrations and remembering special wedding moments.


This cute gown with transparent corset details will make sure to keep you happy. A long sparkly skirt and everlasting beaming of detachable bow that serves as sleeves - are your best friends for a charming entrance. 


The Audrey dress is an excellent choice for multiple reasons. First of all, it has this beautiful coral shade that makes every skin tone look radiant and sexy, and you can wear it in more than nine different ways. Brilliant, isn’t it? And second of all… well, just look at it.


Check out Audrey gown in a gorgeous aquamarine shade, that looks stunning on every skin tone. This softest blue pearlescent hue looks like a perfect moonlit river, it will accentuate your gorgeous skin marvelously while also giving you more than 9 stunning bridal looks! 


This cute midi gem in soft pink shade is definitely a way to show off your skin. A plunging neckline cut looks fierce with this tulle airy skirt. The spakles are super bright, too, for the best wedding mood on your big day. 

Vibrant Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns can be an exciting and expressive way to embrace your unique skin tone on your wedding day. Bold floral motifs, and intricate mural designs, these details add an extra layer of beauty to your bridal ensemble. 


This classy and gorgeous A-line dress is definitely a showstopper. Transparent top part with long sleeves and a light floor-lenght skirt. Decorate the whole dress with irresistible light-reflective murals for an unforgettable entrance. And also, an open back here is just a cherry on top. 


Chyanne dress looks amazing. Whether you are a curvy bride wanting to accentuate your gorgeous figure, or a bride looking for something classy yet unusual - this is the best option. The most unusual cape sleeves with intricate volumized flower embroidery all over the classy A-line silhouette are indeed unforgettable. 


This mini lace gem Mitsis is a perfect way to celebrate your big day. Detachable thick off-shoulder straps and playful length to show off your gorgeous legs. A beautiful decollete line with a semi-transparent corset. This dress is a perfect decoration for every skin tone. 


Baily dress is the perfect example of how applique can be a great fit. Gorgeous scatterings of butterflies all over, added by a mix of transparent tulle, inner shimmer, gentle buttons on the back, and a dreamy silhouette. This dress will make every skin tone glow stunningly. 


Lace is another great way to celebrate diversity. Celia dress with gentle off-the-shoulder straps that can be worn in 3 different ways. Stunning lace scattering all over your upper body, and the way tulle shines through the skirt… drop-dead gorgeous!

Unusual Neutrals

Neutral colors serve as a sophisticated backdrop that allows your natural beauty to shine. Versatile and suitable for various wedding locations, these dresses provide a stunning look.


Sparkly Amelia gown is a great example of a very unusual yet neutral wedding dress. Sparkly from the bottom to the top, with a straight-across neckline to accentuate your delicate collarbones. Soft off-shoulder thick straps will elevate your look to a very unusual heights. 


This gown is the epitome of beauty. The most unique neckline ever creases like a beautiful rainfall flower. The skirt gently cascades down your body by hugging all of your curves stunningly, onto the very floor. Sexiest thigh-high slit for your most beautiful self. 


Due to the sheer transparency of the body corset, the dress looks wondrously on every skin tone. Long-sleeved encrusted corset with a sexy plunging neckline looks irresistible and extra sexy, while a tulle skirt adds a very romantic mood.

Remember, that we have endless customization options for all of our dresses, so we will make sure that your dress fits your body the best. If you feel like saving more money - you can browse throught our Bundle & Save section, to get a full look for less. 

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wedding dresses. Shown above distinct styles are just a very little part of what kind of diversity Olivia Bottega offers to various body types and heights, ensuring that every bride finds her perfect match.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and your dress should be as unique and beautiful as you are.

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