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15 Stunning Engagement Dresses in White

15 Stunning Engagement Dresses in White

Once you answer YES to the most exciting question, the real fun begins. You can plan the wedding with your partner for life, plan the bachelorette party and even the honeymoon. And one exciting detail that awaits for you at all times is of course attending your own engagement party. We couldn’t be happier for you to get married soon and to get your perfect dream dress, so the engagement party can be a great way to test-drive the wedding dress of your dreams without being too suspicious.  

Every girl deserves a special bridal gown, as well as every girl deserves to celebrate her engagement in a spectacular dress too, that can absolutely be in white. This article will cover all the latest trends on engagement dresses in white and of course, and never going out of style classics too. 

How can you determine which dress will fit you for an engagement party the best? It’s easy, choose any dress from our wide range catalogue, find the one that clicks with your heart and budget too, add the customizations your heart desires and you’re all set! However, you may also need to consider the amount of people attending, the venue, the weather and possibly the mood: sexy, glorious, shy, romantic, or something else? We will represent minimalist, casual, romantic, over-the-top extravaganza dresses, you only lay back comfortably and relax. Only you will set the dress code for this evening, because let’s face it, you are the owner of this gala. Let’s go. 

As mentioned above, white engagement dress is a perfect opportunity to imagine yourself wearing the perfect wedding dress. Of course, that is extra cool if you want 2 different wedding dresses, this is a perfect chance to try it out, only difficulty will be to decide which one you'd wear to the engagement party, and which one to the actual wedding. When you choose your engagement party dress in white, make sure to imagine yourself wearing it while walking down the aisle - this will make your decision instantly correct.

Let’s start with going first to unusual options, such as mini white dresses for engagement party. Short dresses are most often associated with playful, charming and romantic, so why not take a look at a dress like this.

1. Sparkly Wedding Dress Ella With High Leg Slit

Ella dress is perfect for your engagement party. With its long bishop transparent sleeves and sexy plunging neckline, it shows sophistication and style. The open back adds a touch of glam, while the fully sparkly fabric ensures you'll dazzle in each and every photo. Whether you're celebrating in a chic venue or posing for fashion magazine covers, the Ella dress is sure to make you feel like the star of the show.

2. Shiny Midi Wedding & Evening Dress Rakel

The Rakel dress looks like a perfect engagement party outfit. White almost silverish shade, it looks like a silver lining because of billions little sparkles all over the dress, corset top with spaghetti straps and boning has tiny transparent pieces around your torso, so that some of your skin is kind of see-through, lush skirt starts to dance right off your waistline, covered in glitters. In this dress you will shine and be able to wildly dance all night long, looking your best. 

3. Satin Midi Wedding Dress Cameron

Cameron - the ultimate midi satin dress perfect for your engagement party. The enchanting off-the-shoulder bodice delicately accentuates your waist, while the choice of three different colors allows you to personalize your look effortlessly for a perfect night. 

4. Organza Wedding Dress Fountana

This stunning mini organza dress Fountana is a vessel of elegance for your engagement party. With its extra-mini length and sweetheart neckline, it exudes a playful yet sophisticated charm that is sure to captivate everyone in the room. The creased corset and lightweight skirt create a mesmerizing silhouette that is both flattering and stylish. 

5. Tea Length Lace Wedding Dress Elise

Elise dress is the perfect choice for an engagement party! Why? Its tea-length design offers a whimsical and contemporary touch, while the off-shoulder cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline adorned with flower lace add a romantic flair. 

6. Midi Sparkly Wedding Dress Milli

Let’s go down deeper now, and check out midi and tea length options. Milli dress will become a great alternative to a classic ‘wedding dress’ for an engagement party. Sheath silhouette, fully decorated in beads and sequins top with long sleeves, put on a beige tulle that makes it look like you just walked out of the sea and the water still glistens under the sun on your tanned skin. Plunging neckline corresponds with an X-line slit on the skirt, fully covered in sparkles, aligning your body in a perfect hourglass silhouette. Have you pressed add to the cart yet? Because we have! 

7. Glitter Midi Wedding Dress Soul

This dress looks more ‘bridal’ then just an engagement dress, therefore it is a great opportunity to really understand what you’d want your wedding dress to look like. Semi-sweetheart top is adorned with cute off-the-shoulder thick straps, while the midi skirt of tulle is fully drenched in sparkles, this will make you shine like a mirrorball, very romantic and stylish. 

8. Light Ivory Sparkly Cocktail Dress Madonna

This Madonna dress is a perfect choice for an engagement party, shining with glamour and sophistication sheath fit. The tight corset, supported by delicate spaghetti straps, is adorned with sparkling details, making you shine like a million stars. The combination of the dense corset and the wrapped skirt creates a flattering silhouette that is both gentle and fierce, enhancing your figure in a sexy yet elegant manner. 

9. Organza Wedding Dress Audrey Mini

This perfect mini transformer dress will make you feel special on your big engagement party. Perfect fit, both for an indoor and an outdoor celebration: just remove the detachable bolero and get a completely different look of the dress, to have as many pictures in this sheath creased organza Audrey mini gown

10. Light Ivory Sparkly Evening Dress Leona with Leg Slit

This shimmering Leona dress is an ideal choice for a bridal engagement party: the v-neck corset top, held by delicate spaghetti straps. The wrapped skirt features a sexy front slit, allowing you to showcase your legs with confidence. With its relaxed yet skin-tight silhouette, this dress is sure to captivate attention and make you the center of attraction as you enter the room.

11. Plus Size Organza Wedding Dress Tayra

Organza dresses look very wedding style as well as will do just fine for an engagement party at any type of venue and weather too. This plunging neckline and subtle organza skirt will create this fierce lady vibe out of you, letting you enjoy your engagement and also see yourself looking like a soon-to-be-real bride.

12. Plus Size Glitter Wedding Dress Heist

For those who wish to add more sparkles into their engagement party look while wearing white, this charming glitter dress with spaghetti straps will do its job perfectly. Soft tulle and the highest quality of glitter fabrics, will guarantee you shining brighter than the diamond on your ring finger and of course bring all the joy of the world right into your arms.

13. Crepe Wedding Dress Jessica

You can wear this dress to your engagement party because it offers the royal treatment you deserve. This plus-size crepe gown Jessica states elegance and sophistication like never before. Whether your celebration takes place in a grand palace or on a picturesque beach at sunset, this dress ensures comfort with its minimalist design, thick straps, and convenient zipper. 

14. Glitter Mermaid Wedding Dress Lovisa with Leg Slit

You should wear Lovisa dress to your engagement party if you want to leave everyone in awe. The sheath-style design, featuring a straight across top and delicate off-the-shoulder straps, add the draped fabric around the torso that creates a captivating "wet dress" effect - that look is sure to turn heads. 

15. Mikado Wedding Dress Dixie 2 with Straps

This Dixie 2 dress will fit fine for a reception, engagements party and an after party of course (even a bachelorette party!). So many parties your head might spin round, however, our charming dresses will keep you to the ground. The thick straps adorned with bows add a charming touch to your shoulders. With a semi-open back and corset lacing, it offers a modern twist on classic beauty, enhancing your feminine shape and adding a hint of drama.

After seeing a few brilliant options for your perfect engagement party in white, you may want to answer to some questions, such as: will the dress fit to the venue, will I want to have 2 absolutely different dresses - one for the wedding one for the engagement, and will I want to test-drive my wedding day look?

These will help you to make the very right decision and get yourself a perfect engagement dress.

You only live once, so while you are living you are entitled to feel yourself like the most glorious woman of all times, and at Olivia Bottega we do everything to make sure that this is exactly what you feel when you wear our dresses.

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