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Stunning 18 Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves

Stunning 18 Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves

Your wedding day should be all about feeling like the queen you truly are, and what better way to achieve that than with a stunning long-sleeved wedding dress? Olivia Bottega's is packed with jdropping options that will make your heart skip a beat. We've handpicked 18 super stylish long-sleeved wedding dresses just for you. From classic lace to modern elegance, get ready to fall head over heels for these beauties, and all are placed alphabetically for your convenience. Let's dive in!


This captivating wedding gown features a sultry plunging neckline and long, puffy sleeves crafted from transparent glittery tulle, adding an extra touch of sparkle. The dress itself boasts a denser fabric, creating a stunning contrast. With its form-fitting A-line silhouette, this gown elegantly highlights your waistline, while a seductive front leg slit reveals a glimpse of your soft skin. 


Pinterest dream board dress - a convertible gown! Imagine the convenience of having two stunning looks in one. The off-the-shoulder lace top features long, sheer sleeves adorned with delicate lace details at the ends. Beneath the transparent lace, a semi-sweetheart bodice is embellished with intricate floral patterns and shimmering beads, creating a truly luxurious picture. 


April dress brings the romance with delicate bishop transparent sleeves and a whimsical skirt. Prepare to float down the aisle with pure enchantment, a plunging neckline and sparkling all over the place. This dress is a true masterpiece if you’re looking for a floaty magical dress.


Pure minimalist miracle of Assol dress. Picture charming bishop sleeves and a relaxed, bohemian-inspired silhouette, perfect for those rustic-themed weddings. Gorgeous front leg slit and a plunging neckline is beautifully decorated by an open back too, a very delicate image with long sleeves indeed. 


The most convertible wedding dress Audrey will allow you to have more than 9 looks per night. One of the looks is of course with long sleeves, that you can easily add and remove too. Off-the-shoulder classy silhouette is to die for, and the front leg slit looks absolutely stunning. 


A true princess bride should wear this enchanting gown! The delicate off-shoulder corset and long sleeves exude a sense of fragility yet undeniable beauty. As you glide across the dance floor in your first dance, all eyes will be drawn to the radiant sparkle of this gown, starting from your beaming smile. The open-back design, adorned with a detailed line of pearl buttons, completes your breathtaking silhouette, fulfilling every bride's dream. 


This dress is perfect for the bride seeking a whimsical yet captivating look. Crafted from yards of sparkling tulle in a graceful A-line silhouette, the gown cascades like a waterfall during the golden hour, exuding ethereal beauty. Beneath the sheer fabric, a soft crepe corset gently embraces your figure, providing both comfort and elegance with long sleeves. 


Ella sparkly dress with a sexy front leg slit is something else. Sexy plunging neckline and bishop sleeves with cuffs around wrists and transparent fabric says: I am the queen and I know my worth. Lightweight sparkly dress with long sleeves is made for you to enjoy the energy on your big day. 


Ultra sleek, ultra sensual, ultra snug, and ultra glossy - this dress is undeniably chic.Long sleeves and a partially exposed sweetheart neckline, with sheer panels on the sleeves and around the midsection looks stunning. 


Ester dress is something else. Mikado soft fabric, plunging neckline with a tight corset and a-line silhouette will make you feel and look absolutely glorious and lustrous. Glossy like a river with pearly murals, and gentle creases around the waistline adorned with long sleeves will make your body look one of a kind. 


Sparkly Feilin gown, with a dense underlayer and transparent yet fully sparkly upper layer creates a fantasy look indeed. Long sleeves, spaghetti straps as well and a glorious V-cutout on the back. This dress will impress everyone at your wedding. 

12. KAY

Indulge in a garden romance with Kay dress that is super romantic. Imagine delicate floral lace see-through sleeves and a soft, romantic silhouette that will make you feel like you're walking on petals. Short and sexy dress to reveal your inner goddess in a great fashion. 


Koussindy dress is quite simple yet unusually stunning. Transparent sparkly long sleeves. A plunging neckline, v-cutout on the back reveals skin and a gorgeous flattering train. Creases around the skirt create this daydreamy image.  


A stunning long-sleeved Signi gown featuring an awe-inspiring deep plunging neckline, ensuring you feel exceptionally cherished. Prepare to showcase your legs and bask in the flood of compliments, for you will exude unparalleled fierceness. 


Classy and sparkly Miranda dress for a gentle look. Long sleeves with a nice puff around the shoulder area, a beautiful beady detail around the waistline, a front leg slit and shimmery fabric turn your whole look into a vessel of love. 

16. OB7962

Sexy mermaid OB7962 dress is a dress that says: Sleek and Chic. Long sleeves with voluminous decorations of beads and sequins in flowery motifs, lace and transparent parts in an off-the-shoulder manner, open back and a gorgeous train that cascades down your body. Skintight silhouette for the most gorgeous look of your life. 


Absolutely gorgeous plus-size Tayra dress for curvy brides. Long sleeves adorned with a sexy plunging neckline, lovely a-line silhouette skirt with a front leg slit made of organza and has a fashionable layout. Classy dress with a soft skirt is something you need if you want to make sure that you look jdropping good.  


And the last but not least Tirion 2-in-1 dress for the most beautiful look. Simple gown underneath is held by spaghetti straps, while the gown you put on top is fully decorated in sparkly murals and makes you look like you just stepped out of water, like a goddess. Your smile will be shining brighter than the stars if you choose this masterpiece of a dress with long transparent and sparkly sleeves. 

There you have it, lovelies! 18 phenomenal long-sleeved wedding dresses that will make your heart radiate with love. Whether you're into timeless elegance, modern chic, or vintage glamor, we have something to fulfill every bride's dream. Get ready to rock that long-sleeved beauty and make your wedding day truly unforgettable. Cheers to your happily ever after!

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