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Preserving Memories: A Guide to Cleaning and Storing Your Wedding Dress

Preserving Memories: A Guide to Cleaning and Storing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress signifies more than just attire; it symbolizes a precious moment from one of life's most beautiful days. Olivia Bottega recognizes the importance of this gown, and below is a guide to assist you in cleaning and storing it, guaranteeing its status as a timeless keepsake for years to come.

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress at Home

Ensuring the enduring beauty of your wedding dress begins the moment you select it. Whether adorned with delicate trims, beads, or sequins, inquire about the cleaning process with our manager when placing your order. Our team comprises only professionals who can offer valuable suggestions, such as adding a bustle for easier wear of long train wedding dresses during the ceremony.

We use around 10 basic fabrics for all of our dresses. From soft satin, to dense Mikado and lightweight tulle, whether infused with sparkles, glitters, beads and so on, recommendations would still be pretty much the same. However, there is a little bit of difference to each. 


Amelia wedding dress is a great example of fully sparkly wedding dress. Creased corset and a lush skirt are best kept inside the garment bag for keeping the dress safe. Check out all sparkly wedding dresses here 

We advise utilizing a garment bag for storing your dress both before and after the event. This bag will safeguard your dress from dust, dirt, and other potential damage before the wedding, and afterwards, it will help maintain the dress in its original condition.


Wakanda wedding dress is made of lace, and it may be super tricky to clean lace details. We recommend going to the dry cleaning with dresses like this. Check out more lace wedding dresses here 

Cleaning a wedding dress yourself can be challenging, so we strongly advise opting for professional and reliable dry cleaning services. It's preferable to choose a dry cleaner that specializes in handling wedding dresses to ensure that not even a single bead falls off during the process.

If you believe you can manage small stains yourself, we suggest applying a cleaning spray to the affected area, allowing it to sit for a while, and then gently rubbing it with your hands. Never use a washing machine, as it could damage the dress irreparably.


This Protea dress is a perfect elegant satin piece that needs to be stored properly, considering all the extra hoops you may need to keep the skirt lush. Satin wedding dresses are quite easy to clean, check them all out here 

For the bodice without intricate details, such as Mikado, organza, and other dense fabrics, we recommend using a wet tissue to gently rub the dress, applying minimal pressure.

For cleaning the armpit area on long-sleeved dresses, the recommendations remain the same: dampen the spot locally, apply some foam or detergent, and gently rub it with your hands. Avoid squeezing the water too firmly to prevent creasing.


This sleeveless option of Audrey dress is just one of the ways to wear it. You can go for a full transformer one that will give you more than 9 looks at once, or not, but it's soft yet pretty organza fabric and all detachable elements must be stored properly. More Organza wedding dresses are waiting here 

Even if your dress is embellished with sparkles and made of sparkly fabric, refrain from vigorous rubbing. However, it is permissible to dampen it and gently stir it in water. Since we use the highest quality fabric, the sparkles won't shed excessively; however, some shedding is completely normal.

Steam the Dress 

Once the dress is dry, utilize a garment steamer to eliminate wrinkles before allowing it to air dry again. We have an article detailing the proper technique for steaming a wedding dress; you can find more information here.


Chloe wedding dress is made of mikado - probably the most expensive-looking fabric ever. It is super soft, silky and dense as well, this fabric is easiest to clean at home. Check out more gowns made of Mikado here 

For all detachable parts, whether sleeves, veils, straps, hoops, or skirts, we recommend the same process for storing and cleaning.


Chyanne dress is a great example of a perfect tulle dress, but the intricate flowery details of lace may make it tricky to clean. You can try to clean tulle parts by yourself but be careful with voluminous flowery lace. Check out more tulle dresses here

Did we mention that every dress and detachable element has an inner hanger? These additional thin straps, unseen when wearing the dress, should be utilized at all times when hanging your wedding dress. This provides additional support and prevents unwanted creases.

Store Accessories Correctly

When storing the dress and accessories, ensure everything is clean and completely dry.

Keep metal or faux jewel accessories separate to prevent accidental damage. Leather goods such as shoes or handbags should also be stored separately.

Find an Appropriate Spot

Select a dark, cool, dry space for storage. We advise keeping the dress away from direct sunlight, damp areas, and moldy attics.

And last but not least, inspect your wedding treasures annually.

By following these simple steps, you'll ensure that your Olivia Bottega wedding dress remains a timeless symbol of your special day, preserving the magic for generations to come.

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