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Part I: Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Gowns 2022/2023

Part I: Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Gowns 2022/2023

What is the best way to get inspired for your upcoming wedding, if not to look at celebrities and their wedding dresses of choice? We gathered the hottest celebrities' bridal looks of the 2022/2023 season for you to look the most glorious at your own wedding. Enjoy reading and appreciate the fancy options we have prepared for you. 

Ariana Grande

The first celebrity to open our glorious kaleidoscope of celebrity bridal looks is definitely going to be Ariana Grande. Happily married for 2 years now, she is still relevant and had one of the most romantic celebrity weddings, at home, just her and her loved ones.

Ariana got inspired by a sculpted neckline in a strapless gown. Silky sheath A-line silhouette and a plunging back, with a mini veil and a stunning slit on the back, all as a triumph to Audrey Hepburn. Here are some options by Olivia Bottega, inspired by Ariana Grande herself. 


To steal her style, it’s worth paying attention to the 2in1 gown Li305. Same relaxed fit, fragile collarbones zone, delicate open back, and detachable sparkly skirt to mesmerize the look.

For a sexier vibe, we recommend checking out the Li345 dress, with a plunging neckline, open back, and a more skin tight silhouette. With a very subtle train, you’ll look glorious.


And if you are willing to use the same vibe of the look but make it more stylish, we recommend checking out Eva dress. Added by a very beautiful and soft bow that is also a train is truly precious, open back in a V cutout, skintight silhouette, and just beautiful sparkling all around. 

Selena Gomez

Next in line goes Selena Gomez. Even though she is not really married just yet, the choice of her wedding dress on the set of “Only murders in a building” season 3 is definitely extra trendy.


Selena is wearing a true princess ball gown type of dress, with a semi sweetheart corset and a very dramatic veil, which is carefully intertwined with the dress’s train. 

Here’s what we have to offer:


This beautiful dress is definitely inspired by the best vibes of princess gowns, a puffy and sparkly lush skirt, a gorgeous bloomy semi-transparent corset, and the most intriguing part - straps. Made of the same material as the skirt, lightweight shimmering tulle can be twisted in different styles around your shoulders, neck, and waistline, or just worn strapless. Anyway, this dress is marvelous.


A gorgeous and lightweight gown is perfect for summertime weddings. The strapless semi-sweetheart corset and the whole dress are adorned in beautiful bloom murals. Gentle train and shimmering from beneath are to die for. A truly magical work.

Nicola Peltz-Beckham

Nicola Peltz-Beckham is the next fashion icon, if not already. Here is what she wore to her celebrity wedding: a very classy and truly iconic look for an upcoming wedding. 

Nicola chose a very timeless type of gown, and that Vogue photoshoot looks amazing. Her choice is a square neckline sheath crepe dress with thick straps, added by lacy gloves and a very beautiful veil with lace details, too. The train is absolutely show-stopping. Here’s how you can copy her look.


This is a very classy-looking sheath minimalist dress. The square neckline and thick straps look very delicate, with a perfect floor-length in the most convenient way to walk around and dance at your wedding. This dress is suitable for most wedding venues too.


If you are looking to style your dress into more princess-like instead of a high fashion piece, then we recommend checking out Solly dress. Same square neckline a little draped around the decollete, with a full floor length skirt and a subtle train. Remember, you can always customize any dress into something more of a ‘you’ style. 

Paris Hilton

Unlike previous ladies, this one has to always be an extra extravaganza, and we’re all here for it. Paris Hilton decided she needed 2 dresses, and we won’t blame her, because it always looks iconic.


Paris chose a very modest ball gown option, with a high neckline and long sleeves, fully embroidered with lace details and blooming flowers. Sheer lace appears to be the trendsetter’s favorite and we are so here for her hot looks. After the traditional part, though, she changed into something more party-like. We loved both looks.


The best way to steal her style would be by getting our most extravagant ball-gown option - Meryem dress. Exclusively lush, this dress is just over the top pretty. Long sleeves, hand placed embroidery, lace, elegantly long train, and a very plunging decollete. This dress is very shiny and is worthy of a Queen.


Another dress very similar to Paris’ choice is our Baily dress. Decorated with hundreds of butterflies instead of flowers, this dress is very intricate in its details. Cap sleeves and an open back with a button line, lush skirt with a long train, and very delicate-looking butterflies cascading into a waterfall - precious and unique. 

For the reception, Paris changed into a second short look so she could dance all night, and we suggest for you to do just the very same.


This short masterpiece of a dress is the very right way to shine and sparkle as you dance at your wedding. Delicate semi sweetheart decollete line is gently intertwined with thick straps, and a lush ballerina-inspired skirt will show off your legs in the most beautiful ways.


For a more open-type of look, with a transparent corset and spaghetti straps, added by a lushier sparkly skirt - Rakel dress is the right option. Covered in pixie dust, this dress will be a perfect decoration for your reception dress. 

To be continued….

Stay tuned for part 2 celebrities dresses discovery by Olivia Bottega.

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