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Regal satin!

Satin and mikado

Satin is not for nothing called the Royal fabric — it looks really luxurious and expensive. Rich texture, perfect smoothness and dazzling Shine can turn even the most concise dress into a luxurious outfit. What else do you need for the most festive evening of your life? This fabric is designed for special occasions, because in everyday life there are hardly many reasons to try on this dazzling luxury, but for a wedding-why not?

A magnificent rich look to such a satin dress is given by the original texture — a satin weave of silk threads that make the satin shiny and very smooth. This gives the outfit a spectacular appearance. The fabric structure can not only cause a visual "wow effect", but also keep the shape. Satin is very soft and light, which only allows this fabric to create the perfect cut of the dress and exquisite drapery. That is why this fabric is so loved by designers — because it is versatile and suitable for almost any silhouette.

Texture features

Like all fabrics, features are not spared and satin. Before choosing this dress model, you should know what "surprises" it can present. Behind the Royal luxury lies the quirkiness of the fabric-satin is quite easy to crumple, so you need to be careful when wearing it. Dazzling glitter for some brides can be a disadvantage-it visually gives a little volume and can emphasize the waist and hips, which is inappropriate for newlyweds with appetizing forms. Therefore, it is still better for such brides to abandon the satin dress.

For all other ladies, satin will only "play into the hands": it does not require additional decoration, since it is already an original texture with a chic effect. It is a satin dress that can give nobility, restrained sexuality and a special charm — and what else does a bride need for a perfect wedding image? Another big advantage of this fabric is its properties. Satin is soft, light and versatile, so this dress will be equally comfortable in winter and summer. A luxurious smoothness and Shine will look great not only "live", but also in photos.

Best styles for Satin

What style of satin dress should I choose to look the most impressive?

This is a real hit of the season! This dress combines two trends at once: fabric and pockets. A dress with pockets has just entered wedding fashion — designers have transferred this everyday wardrobe item to a wedding outfit and hit the nail on the head! Now brides have the opportunity not only to look original, but also to feel comfortable — you can put your hands and the necessary "change"in your pockets. And Yes, it is in the satin version that it looks most impressive and expensive. After all, there is nothing superfluous in the laconic design — only shiny fabric, original style and stylish pockets.

A-line dress

Classics of the genre look great in any fabric, and satin is no exception. The combination of a traditional silhouette and luxurious fabric will make the bride a real Queen of the celebration. The cut can be either lush or more relaxed. There are several options for finishing-plain satin fabric will give style and elegance, and a combination with lace or a belt will add solemnity and chic. And if you add a train, then a luxurious and rich look is definitely provided.

Midi dress

Another top combination of two trends in one outfit is satin and mini-length. This outfit looks quite bold and original, so it is most suitable for young and extravagant brides. A short length combined with a luxurious fabric looks quite stylish, but at the same time noble.

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