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Best Summer Wedding Dresses for 2024

Best Summer Wedding Dresses for 2024

Summer weddings are always a magical experience. With the sun shining and the warm breeze blowing, everything feels special. If you are a bride-to-be, you might be looking for the perfect wedding dress to wear on your big day. And if you are getting married in 2024, whether it is on a sunny beach, magical flower garden, downtown, or in any other scenery, there are some stunning options that you might want to consider. Let us introduce you to the 15 best summer wedding dresses for 2024 by Olivia Bottega.


In this super-convertible Audrey dress, you'll feel as light and carefree as a gentle summer breeze. Crafted from airy organza fabric, it's perfect for those warm days. The sweetheart-shaped corset, with its romantic creases, highlights your waist in a relaxed yet stylish way. The skirt is lush and flowing, seemingly endless, and the front slit adds a touch of flirtatiousness as you stroll. Plus, the detachable train gives you options – wear it for added drama or go without for a more laid-back vibe. Don't forget the cute bow on the back, adding just the right amount of charm. And with the bolero option, complete with detachable sleeves, you're getting multiple dresses in one. 


Chloe dress is the epitome of summer elegance, offering a luminous and deluxe feel that's perfect for warm weather. Its perfect a-line silhouette evokes images of Greek nymphs. The dress hugs your waist snugly before cascading down your hips and legs, culminating in a delicate train that graces the floor. This dreamy dress is delicate enough to be proudly worn on your special night, ensuring you look and feel like a goddess in the summer glow.

3. ASA

Absolutely stunning, fresh, and undeniably sexy – these are the first thoughts that come to mind when you lay eyes on Asa dress. The illusion tulle delicately enveloping the corset creates a captivating naked dress effect, adding an intriguing and distinctive touch to the bridal look. 


This gorgeous embroidered bodice masterpiece of a Celia dress is perfect for a summer wedding. Wear the shoulder straps around your shoulder, or your neck, or tie them in a nice bow on your back. You are guaranteed to look fabulous. 

5. TOFA 

This satin mini Tofa dress with an open back and the cutest huge bow on the back is a must-have this summer season. This dress will make you feel like Tinkerbell, so use all of that magic fairy powder to make more of your deepest wishes come true. 


This gorgeous glittery sheath crepe Lovisa dress is going to be a perfect choice for the 2024 summer wedding. The gentle off-the-shoulder straps and the sexiest front leg slit look showstopping together, especially added by those beautiful creases all over the bodice and a gorgeous element - a huge bow as a train. 


Acerola dress is an absolute showstopper, perfect for a summer wedding fit for a queen. Its stunning off-the-shoulder voluminous neckline sets it apart as one of the most unique dresses you've ever seen. The creased fabric delicately draping around your chest and waistline enhances your silhouette, adding an extra touch of femininity. 


This dress is a perfect mix of our two most popular wedding gowns. Shiny and glorious, Amelia gown is a great choice for a summer wedding. Its A-line silhouette gracefully accentuates your waist, while the flowing fabric cascades into a subtle train, resembling a field of crusted diamonds. The dress's sparkle and shimmer are truly breathtaking, especially in all those sunrays on your big day!


The Hennie dress is a charming and feminine choice for a summer wedding. This dress features a   delicate tulle transparent corset, with a twist of sleeves - it is a huge shiny bow that you can wear as an off-the-shoulder decoration, or simply remove it. Glitters in the skirt will make this day unforgettable. 


There is no perfect summer wedding, if the dress doesn't have butterflies on it! Baily wedding dress is a dream come true for a summer wedding. The open back, adorned only with illusion tulle and a line of beautiful pearly buttons, adds a touch of elegance. The front of the dress features a plunging neckline and delicate see-through cap sleeves, creating a sexy yet romantic look. Its exquisite skirt, adorned with hundreds of handmade butterflies, adding a unique and dreamy touch looks truly stunning.


Heist dress is an ideal choice for a summer wedding, too! Its A-line silhouette delicately accentuates the waistline, while the flowing fabric cascades into a subtle train, reminiscent of fairy dust shimmering in the sunlight. Gorgeous, stunning, sexy and stylish! 


Midi dress is always a great way to celebrate your love union in the summertime. First of all - it is convenient in the hot weather. Cameron wedding dress offers a stylish and fashionable look with enchanting off-the-shoulder bodice that  delicately intertwines around your waist, accentuating your fragility and femininity.


Chyanne dress is absolutely perfect for a summer wedding. With its stunning design, it's like stepping into a fairy tale. The longest tulle butterfly sleeves, which can be detached to serve as wings, are truly a sight to behold, perhaps the most beautiful ones you've ever seen! The square neckline and floral embroidery add to the ethereal charm, covering the entire dress in a magical aura.


Well, a ballgown can still be worn to a summer wedding too. The glorious Priscilla dress is something to consider, especially when it’s a chic and modern option for a summer wedding. The beautiful semi-sweetheart neckline and thick straps are gently intertwined with a full floor-length lush skirt, glistening like pearls Mikado fabric will keep you happy all day and night long. 

There is a wide selection of beautiful and stylish summer wedding dresses made of light fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, and organza. Whether you're looking for a classic A-line silhouette or a more modern and sleek style, Olivia Bottega has a dress to suit your taste. 

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