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22 Best Evening Wedding Reception Dresses Ideas in 2024

22 Best Evening Wedding Reception Dresses Ideas in 2024

2024 just started, yet the wedding didn’t stop to happen. If you are planning to get married this year and have one or a few ideas about your bridal gown we are here to help. What kind of a wedding will be without a perfect evening wedding reception dress? We may have one or two ideas you’d very much like. 

Reception dresses are a very fun and convenient way for the bride to slip into after the ceremony. While church may be very holy matrimony and romantic, the real party happens afterwards and you would like to make sure that you’re wearing a comfortable dazzling and party dress, even if it is a bridal one! 

Classic dresses without too much extra detail would be a perfect choice for taking a place as a reception dress, below we listed the options we vote for and let’s see what do you think. 

1. Satin Midi Wedding & Evening Dress Cameron

Elegant Cameron satin dress with an off-the-shoulder top is very pretty and adorable. Midi length will allow you to dance, classic silhouette is very appropriate and of course showstopping for your evening extravaganza.  

2. Sparkly Midi Wedding Dress Ramona

If you don’t wanna shine but wish to sparkle, our midi dress Ramona will do just perfectly. Plunging v-neckline is covered with sheer tulle, lush skirt is very playful and romantic. See-through long sleeves and a dazzling rhinestone belt are going to finish the look in a very stylish manner. 

3. Crepe Wedding Dress Jessica

Okay but listen, reception dress doesn’t have to be in midi length or sparkles too, for example this elegant and sophisticated floor-length Jessica crepe dress is a fine option too. Budget friendly fit and flare silhouette will stun everyone with delicate square decollete and skin-tight soft fabric. 

4. Sequin Evening Dress Monro

Reception dress doesn’t have to be white though, you can absolutely go for nude and even mosaic patterns if you wish so. Like a cave writings the Monro dress is decorated with sequin fractals all around, the semi sweetheart top is strapless, and adorned with a rhinestone belt. 

5. Midi Sparkly Wedding Dress Milli

If you still feel like you need more sparkles, we hear you loud and clear. Plunging v-neck and the whole top is covered with rhinestones and beads all over, so beyond pretty. Long sleeves of the Milli dress add class to your reception look. Midi length and sparkly skirt with a front slit is very charming and that flap-over skirt is so stylish!

6. Minimalist Mermaid Wedding Dress Selena

Selena dress, Sofia Vergara’s favorite, minimalist with a little bit of spice dress will make you triumph at the reception. Spaghetti straps connected to the sparkly sweetheart top, then a skin tight skirt hugs your hips in a fashionable manner and flares to the very bottom. 

7. Lovisa

Lovisa dress is already a classic option for a wedding. Why you might ask? It is pretty, gorgeous and sparkly. Off-the-shoulder line creates a gorgeous straight-across type of a cutout. Add a giant bow on the back with ribbons that serve as a train - amazing. 

8. Nancy with Detachable Huge Bow

Nancy dress is a great classy option as an opposite of the previous one. Matte pearlescent white color is also added by a huge bow, a square neckline cutout and a gorgeous full floor length. This dress will fit any bride who appreciates classics. 
This stunning sheath Eva dress with a plunging neckline is something else. Deep cutout on the back is decorated with a button line of pearls, there is also a huge bow as well that serves as a train. The look is 10/10. 
Malone dress is a perfect option for a glamorous reception, and here's why: it's in midi length which is super unusual for an evening reception. Add a sexy plunging neckline and never ending sparkle - and you're ought to be the brightest bride ever. 
Leona dress has something to it that's hard to deny but gorgeous. Spaghetti straps and a tulip shape long skirt - all of that creates the perfect sheath silhouette to enjoy on your beautiful reception eve. 
Jolie dress will become your joy. Off-the-shoulder creased neckline cutout, sheath skintight line of the whole dress but with a sexy twist: mermaid-inspired train that will playfully scatter behind you as you walk around on your reception celebration. 
Midi and sparkly - everything you need for a gorgeous celebration! Elise dress has a very unique and stunning floral lace scattering all over the corset, mixed with an off-the-shoulder straps and a lush skirt - beautiful. 
Sweep train is something super romantic to wear to your own wedding. Square neckline, rich satin and a wild amount of variations of accessories to wear! Solly dress will be your favorite dress to wear - it looks stunning and makes your silhouette very feminine.  
Meet Marthe dress - the sexiest one there is. Open shoulder corset with an obvious lining, mixed by a sheath sparkly skirt - wow. This dress will fit only a brave bride - the one who isn't afraid to show her true colors of stunning.
Madlen dress is something you have to consider getting for your big day! Stunning midi length is also adorned with sparkle and a very unusual neckline - have you ever seen anything like it? And we just love how off-the-shoulder sleeves accentuate your collarbones here.
Short Tofa dress is absolutely a must-have if there is a reception wedding. Made of classy yet pearly white fabric, this midi dress with a huge bow on the back and a sexy cutout on the back will become your favorite accessory of the night. 
Audrey mini dress is one of the most-wanted 2024 dresses ever! Convertible dress that will transform anyway you want it to, is truly precious! Creased organza fabric will charmingly hug your body in a very precious manner. 
You remember how we love mini and midi dresses for reception parties! This one is no exception! Spaghetti straps, super lush mini skirt and never ending sparkle! Little sexy fairy look in Rakel dress is guaranteed. 
And this dress will fit the brides who are not very excited about the sparkles! Classy and playful mini organza Fountana dress with a playful voluminous skirt is gong to turn heads definitely! No straps whatsoever and this dress represents your inner freedom, too. 
Wow. A pearly river of pure joy. Cute bow straps is something you can wear as you like - there is so much inspo of how to do that on our website! Shiny and truly feminine, this mini Dixie 2 dress may become the sensation your town has ever seen! 

Classy and almost office-like vibes, super plunging neckline and bishop sleeves. Creased soft fabric and a glorious fit are promised with the Signi dress that you can wear long after the reception too! 

Reception dress can change the mood of your wedding in a heartbeat, so why not choose to have it, if you can? Relax, slip into something more comfortable, more stylish, look stunning in all the pictures and of course remember the best night of your life. We have dresses that will fit every budget with ease and it is so beautiful to watch our beautiful bride’s pictures wearing their beautiful outfits starting with satin jumpsuits and daring mini skin-tight gowns, to royal and deluxe-and-embroidered corsets and slit skirts. 

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