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17 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

17 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

Truly unique and glorious ageless bridal gowns. 

If you are getting married quite soon and you are kind of at that age when the gowns of an 18-year-old just do not cut it for you anymore, but you still wish to look fabulous, we have gathered the most showstopping gowns for your best look. Whether you’re just a bit older and having difficulties picturing yourself in a way too-open wedding dress, we got your back. If you are getting married at 40, 50, 60, and even 80 it doesn't mean you can’t wear a truly stunning dress. Get inspired by these beautiful ideas of wondrous wedding dresses for a mature bride selection. 

1. Front leg slit

A glorious Inger dress with a sexy plunging neckline and a front leg slit will do it for you any season of any year. Long tulle bishop sleeves with gentle sparkles and a subtle train are worthy of a bride of any age.


Inger dress  

2. Timeless sparkly classic

Melanie gown with a gentle off-the-shoulder line and the beautiful A-line silhouette is going to look absolutely showstopping on your wedding day. And all the sparkles will make this special day absolutely joyous.


Melanie gown 

3. Organza masterpiece

Off-the-shoulder is truly something that fits every age and season bride. A perfectly white Cardi gown with a lush skirt and beautiful hourglass silhouette will make you feel like you’re living in a teenage dream, only with a bunch of chic and style added to it.


Cardi gown 

4. Convertible customizations

You can take a look at this marvelous Jacqueline dress, and make sure to explore the customization service we offer. It is okay if you didn’t find something you like 100%, that is why - make your own. Or enjoy ready-to-wear convertible dresses, just detach the skirt and wear the glorious silky mermaid gown of your dreams, or add the skirt and feel like a true princess.


Jacqueline dress 

5. Hollywood style

The gorgeous Cameron dress of a perfect midi length will make you look sophisticated and glamorous, just like in that adorable late 60’s Hollywood style. Adorned with an off-the-shoulder neckline and of course a soft and glistening satin. Be the Hollywood queen.

Cameron dress  

6. Going extra

Who said you can't be extra? You sure as hell may and we advise you to do so. Just check out this over-the-top lustrous long sleeves and plunging neckline Meryem gown, to look truly miraculous. Hand-placed beads are intertwined in a beautiful mural mosaic, with an over-the-top luxuriously lush train, truly beautiful.


Meryem gown 

7. True mermaid

Stay forever young by choosing a timeless shiny gown as this lovely mermaid Ornella dress. Covered in shiny lace all over, this gown will make wonders for your state of mind. Long sleeves, square neckline cut, and of course a glorious train. You will look like a true siren, and you are so worthy of looking fabulous on your special day.

Ornella dress

8. Lighting bolt

A convertible and classic Stourin dress with light reflective details will make you look and feel amazing. You can wear a classy undergown or decorate it with a shiny transparent top gown, either way, you are promised the best night of your life.


Stourin dress

9. Bows and trains

Bows can be romantic at any age, this Eva dress isn’t an exception. Beautiful and delicate V-neck cut, sheath silhouette, and a beautiful bow on the back with long ribbons will serve you justice by making you the fiercest lady in the room.

Eva dress 

10. Classy A-lines

Charlotte dress in a glorious and voluminous flowery mosaic style, a subtle illusion tulle for your back and a plunging neckline, sweet cap sleeves in an off-the-shoulder manner, and a lush skirt. This dress will make you shine like a mirror ball as you lead the first dance as a husband and wife.


Charlotte dress 

11. More tulle

Aviv dress for the most romantic brides. No matter how old you are, this dress with a perfectly sexy plunging neckline, decorated and embroidered with a beaded top and a very lush and soft tulle skirt will look amazing. How old are you again? No one will care cause they’ll be stunned by how gorgeous you look, do not worry about that.

Aviv dress

12. Lace queen

Lace is truly timeless and looks well on everyone, which is why this straight-across masterpiece of an Olivia dress is something you should consider. Very poetic type of gown with a glorious embroidered by-hand skirt in lace s truly something to admire.


Olivia dress 

13. Evening gown

Yes, you can be even more out of pattern by wearing a formal gown to your wedding. Who cares about the rules, when you wish to look stunning you ought to do so. This beautiful semi-sweetheart Monro gown in gorgeous cappuccino shade and silverish shiny murals all over will make you feel unique, shiny, and truly in love.


Monro gown 

14. Flowers and tulle

Another beautiful way to say your “I do’s” in style is by mixing flowers and tulle. Sleeveless gown Blum makes it look like flowery lace is placed into your bare skin, while a lush and soft skirt made of yards of tulle with a front leg slit will add just the right amount of spice to your bridal look.

Sleeveless gown Blum 

15. Minimalist crepe 

Nancy dress will make you the modest queen of the night. Big bow and a beautiful minimalist outlook of the whole dress, combine it with a square neckline and a floor-length and you will look stunning.

Nancy dress 

16. More sequins

Do not be afraid to stand out and shine, since this beautiful Feilin dress will make you feel like the queen. A-line silhouette and double-layered skirt mixed with a v-neck for your best convenience and of course, every inch is covered in dozens of sequins for you to be your own thunder.


Feilin dress

Do not hesitate to ask our consultants about what dress will fit you best, they truly know how to make you look unforgettable. Forget about rules and just be you, get the dress you’ve always dreamed of, and do not hesitate to slay it, despite any time and season that you may be getting married at. 

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