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18 Best New Wedding Dresses by Olivia Bottega

18 Best New Wedding Dresses by Olivia Bottega

Trends may change as the time goes by, but there is a forever classic in something as beautiful as weddings. Yes, there are absolutely dresses that are out of style, or not the most popular ones, however at Olivia Bottega a great team of designers is working day and night to make sure that they do not just follow the trends, but create something timeless and fashionable. 

We are very glad and excited to present to you our brand new wedding dresses, 18 styles filled with aesthetic, love, sparkles and romantic vibes. Let us take you on a journey, we are pretty sure you have never been before, so elegant and bold, this is the new era of the bridal gown’s game. 

Allow yourself to have the most ravishing and luxurious dresses ever, because you are so worth it. Inspired by you and created for you only, it is time to witness how the phoenix is born setting fire to ashes of old stigma of outdated wedding dresses. 


Chyanne wedding dress is a timeless masterpiece. With detachable tulle butterfly sleeves that double as wings, it's truly enchanting. Adorned with floral embroidery and featuring a square neckline and transparent back, like a beautiful willow tree, it's both magical and supremely elegant, making it perfect for a romantic wedding. 


The Wilma sequin wedding dress is breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable. Its revealing neckline and semi-sweetheart corset, held by thin spaghetti straps, are adorned with stunning sequin murals, creating a shine that's out of this world. 


The A-line silhouette of Amelia dress delicately accentuates your waist, with yards of fabric flowing into a subtle train, resembling crusted diamonds. Draped straps gracefully open your back and décolleté, showcasing your arms. Whether you wear your hair up or down, all eyes will be on you and the dress.


Sequin paradise! Embrace your love for sparkle with Wakanda dress featuring a plunging neckline and spaghetti straps—a winning combination for any bride. Adorned with a sparkly mural, this dress is the perfect choice for a dreamy wedding look. 


The sweetheart corset perfectly complements the skirt adorned with silver drawings on Jackopa dress. Floral murals gracefully adorn the corset, flowing into the skirt. With a front leg slit adding a touch of beauty pageant glamour, it reveals your soft skin. Simply delightful and marvelous—a perfect choice for celebrating your big day!


This sleeveless A-line beauty features a plunging neckline without being too revealing, complemented by delicate illusion tulle for a hint of mystery and sophistication. Shimmering murals adorn the Waterfella dress, sparkling like a starry night sky. 


The ultimate convertible Yoki wedding dress! Customization is key here – detach or add the straps, and watch the magic happen. This dress is a true marvel. It's not just flowery; it's a floral fantasy with detachable flower-embroidered straps and a luxurious tulle skirt that will leave you feeling unstoppable.

8. DIXIE 2

The perfect mini wedding dress - Dixie 2. With thick bow-adorned straps and made of shiny Mikado fabric, it says: I know how to say YES to this life. 


This is what happenns when a seductive front leg slit meets a luxurious tulle skirt, with a hint of glitters peeking through. Delicate off-the-shoulder tulle straps provide a lightweight feel, while scattered floral embellishments adorn the plunging corset. Look no further—this is it! The perfect wedding dress Altsoba


Acerola dress stands out as one of our most unique pieces. Its stunning off-the-shoulder voluminous neckline is truly extraordinary. Representing the new era of chic and deluxe style, with creased fabric accentuating your chest and waistline, paired with a long lush skirt featuring a front leg slit, it's a truly dreamy combination. 


As floral blooms cascade over the skirt, a daring plunging neckline steals the spotlight, complemented by sassy spaghetti straps. Lightweight tulle, sprinkled with playful sequins, dances in the sunlight, reflecting pure elegance. This is one of a showstopper of a dress - Tolinka gown.


The extra-mini length paired with a sweetheart décolleté line will sweep you off your feet with this newest Fountana dress. With a creased corset and lightweight lush skirt, this dress is simply breathtaking.


This stunning Serenity dress holds remarkable surprises. Its straight lace bodice, partially see-through, meets a lightweight tulle skirt featuring a front leg slit—an unprecedented combination. Hand-embroidered lace adorned with beads adds a touch of elegance.


Our  newest glorious Chloe dress boasts a radiant A-line silhouette, reminiscent of Greek nymphs. Its semi-sweetheart shape and delicate top leave your shoulders bare, while the flowing skirt features a daring front leg slit. The pristine white hue adds a touch of sparkle to your eyes, making you feel truly one of a kind on your special night.

15. EBBA

For the boldest brides, a perfect mini wedding dress Ebba. This super-mini sheath dress, with its straight-across neckline and open back, will make you feel like a princess. A luminous, "wet dress" effect, evokes the allure of a sea creature. 


The essence of a magical fairytale collected in a Celia dress is something else. Mesmerizing flowery lace adorns the corset and gracefully cascades onto the lightweight skirt, creating a whimsical effect.


This beautiful long-sleeved miracle of a dress features a stunning deep plunging neckline, making you feel absolutely precious. With built-in bra support, it ensures extra comfort throughout your special day. Show off your legs and bask in the compliments in this Signi mini gown.


Extra convertible Audrey wedding dress - mini skirt edition. With its romantic semi-sweetheart corset and detachable bolero, you have the freedom to customize your look. Whether you choose to wear the bolero or not, the mini length is sure to leave you feeling radiant on your wedding day. 

We hope you enjoyed our glorious sparkly and not so sparkly wedding dresses collection, because we had so much fun and inspiration creating it, because you are always our inspiration. Choose the dress that makes your heart race faster once you see it, because this means that this is the one. You deserve the whole world, and by wearing Oivia Bottega gown for your very special night of life, you will truly feel this magical feeling. 

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